Mythologies About Teaching Coding for Kids

With technology evolving rapidly and the demand for coders increasing each day, computer programming for children has become a part of every academic curriculum in several countries worldwide.

However, there are still some fictitious stories regarding teaching kids how to code. Here are a few myths about teaching coding to kids.

1. Children Are Too Young to Study Coding

Although there is no age barrier when it comes to learning how to code, children can grasp lessons swiftly between the age of 5 and 12. This is the most suitable time for kids to discover new things and develop a lot of skills as they grow. Kids who are introduced to coding greatly develop a creative mind with improved critical and logical thinking.

2. Children Should Be Gifted with Skills

While coding is indeed a skill, your kid does not need to be gifted to learn it with ease. Like any other skill, coding can be learned gradually with the right understanding and application. It will become just a matter of time when they start to develop mobile apps, websites, and games on their own.

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