Q: How do I determine if my child is ready to enrol in coding classes?

A: Kids aged 9 and above are highly encouraged to enrol in our program. Although there is no prior coding experience required, students should be able to use a keyboard and mouse, read instructions, and type constantly to succeed in our program. If you are not sure, you may take advantage of our free drop-in session where you can ask questions and your child can try out the learning platform and meet the teacher.

Q: What is the notable difference between the Preface to Coding and Academic Coding Support programs?

A: The Preface to Coding pathway is dependent on the child’s learning pace and, in accordance with that progress, becomes much more itemized. The Academic Coding Support learning pathway, on the other hand, is instructed in line with the School Board coding curriculum. The purpose of the latter pathway is to make sure that your child does not have any issues with the new program.

Q: Is it possible to shift from Academic Coding Support to the Preface to Coding?

A: Yes, it is entirely possible. Our mentors will make sure that the transition is smooth so that every single learning is not missed.

Q: How long does it take for a student to finish your program?

A: Our program is fully self-paced. We provide unparalleled learning flexibility in a way that your kid can go through the program at their momentum