We provide computer programming courses that teach kids the foundation of coding. This opens a lot of opportunities for software development, mobile app building, video game creation, web design and development, and even augmented or virtual reality. All our courses are offered online, so students can learn at their own pace with mentor support.

Our coding programs are offered via three (3) specific pathways:

1. Preface to Coding

Recommended for age 9+, this initial program pathway is intended for parents and kids who are seeking a more advanced learning experience that surpasses modules offered by the school boards. In this session, kids start from the intro level and they learn courses like JavaScript, HTML, and Python.

2. Academic Coding Support

The school coding support pathway is made up of courses that follow the School Board coding curriculum. This course option is recommended for kids who are 9+ years, and it complements the courses taught in schools. Hence, your kid will not encounter any issues with the new program.

3. Advanced Python

Passionate children who are more than 13 years can enhance their coding skills and take it to the next level using the advanced Python programming language. After completing this professional level course, students are given a certificate of completion.

Coding languages

Aside from Python, we also provide a plethora of coding languages such as HTML, Java, python, and JavaScript. These core coding languages encompass the most basic lessons, allowing students to start from the basics regardless of their age or grade. More experienced and older students can go through the lessons a little faster.

All our coding courses for kids are offered online until further notice.