ESDNL is a Canadian-based online provider of superior-quality computer programming courses for children. As information technology progresses rapidly, coding will be an essential skill of the future. The knowledge that your child will obtain through our program will let them gain an edge as they strive for their education and career journey.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach eager kids a broad range of tech-based courses that are professionally instructed, interactive, and most importantly, fun. Additionally, we aim to give students the chance to connect and collaborate with their peers who have similar interests.

Apart from coding courses, we even provide continuous community support to a few charitable organizations and programs that focus on helping students graduate from high school. Those organizations and programs help such apprentices to prepare to succeed on their own during their post-secondary education phase, starting with pupils as early as Grade 9 through Grade 12.

At ESDNL, we greatly value the significance of extra-curricular activities that spark a child’s mind and imagination. We intend to offer all parents the equal opportunity to enrol their children in a fun yet educational program through our promotions and recent discounts

The Founder’s Story

ESDNL was first established in 2012 by the founder, Mercy Rue. Mercy and her husband began this company after discovering that coding was part of the school program in European countries.

Community Support

Some of the community support being offered are systematically after-school tutoring, on-staff guidance counselling, and educational field trips.