ESDNL has an organized course of study for passionate students. However, since kids learn at various momentums, we have decided to adjust our curriculums so that every course matches the pace and skill level of each student. Thus, we have promoted custom-made subjects for each child enrolled in our program.

We offer a wide selection of computer programming courses that are categorized for Grade 3 to Grade 4 Students and Grade 5+ Students. The Grade 3 to Grade 4 Students category is highly recommended to proceed to advanced courses under the Grade 5+ Students category. You may check each module below.

Grade 3 to Grade 4 Students

1. Basics of Computer Science Fundamentals Course 1

Learn the first parts of computer science basics in theory, such as algorithms, nested loops, while loops, conditional statements, and events. Additionally, students can develop an understanding of digital citizenship.

2. Basics of Computer Science Fundamentals Course 2

In this second course, students will learn everything that pertains to algorithms, conditional statements, events, and loops. After a few coding practices, students will be taught how to develop and design a capstone project in the second part of the course.

3. Basics of Computer Science Fundamental Course 3

The third and final part of computer science basics focuses on efficient problem-solving tips and the social impact of computing and the Internet. They will review functions, loops, conditionals, and events before studying for loops and variables. In the second half of this specific course, design and create a shareable capstone project.

Grade 5+ Students

1. Computer Programming Introduction

Know the fundamentals of computer programming by issuing commands to a computer. Learn more about JavaScript commands, control structures, and functions with the help of writing creative programs and solving puzzles.

2. Web Design and Development

In this project course, students will learn to build web pages using the HTML and CSS languages. You will also learn to make your live homepage that serves as your creative portfolio and develop mobile responsive websites.

3. Java Application Development

Learn about the object-oriented programming concept using the Java programming language, with an emphasis on algorithm development and problem-solving.

4. SQL Database Development

Discover how to organize database information, write queries, and analyse data with SQL programming.