We have received a lot of much encouraging feedback from children who enrolled in our courses since we started. Check these testimonials from our satisfied students below:

“ESDNL has been an excellent place to learn coding stuff so far. Add to that our teacher who makes the learning experience more enjoyable. I want to learn more from them about making games.” – Andy


“I liked the coding classes a lot because I learned many things from it, particularly the topic that discusses more about functions that make everything easier to understand.” –  Cortney Miller


“In my opinion, the most fun lesson must be all about loops, especially while loops. It lets you create clever conditional statements as well as a backup function that will execute the code but only differently from the loop.” – Jeck Dowson


“I greatly recommend their after-school program because it taught me how to create short but efficient if and loop statements, make objects move online, and create websites. These after-school activities are an incredibly good way to learn and have fun.” – Maria Morti