Free and Cheap Websites That Teach Kids Programming

Programming is an important skill for both children and grown-ups and we all know that kids make excellent coders. When kids are introduced to this kind of skill, it helps them to know how to build simple games and websites which enhances their logic, problem-solving, and design abilities. This also helps children to demonstrate their creativity and ideas in unique ways. The following are some low-cost coding programs for kids


This is a nonprofit website and can be a good starting point for coding novices. It offers important online materials, apps, and points on some local schools which teach coding for kids. Ensure you start by watching inspirational videos on their main page where some popular IT personnel tell of how they started their journey

Code Avengers

Even though it does not use eye-catching graphics, it offers some free introduction classes on how your kid can build games, web pages, and apps. You only need to get started through the seven-day free trial, and you will gain access to the first lessons, which include Javascript, Python, and web development. However, you can proceed to buy a membership plan.

Khan Academy

Apart from its challenging math game, Khan Academy is also known for offering programming tutorials that teach children how to build interactive visualizations, graphics, and animations. It has partnered with Pixar to help in understanding how Pixar does its jobs.

Code monster

This is most preferable for children since it features two adjacent boxes. One acts as a display code while the other explains how a certain code works. When children are playing with the codes, they get to understand how each command does.


It targets children aged between 8-and 16 and was designed by MIT students. It makes use of easy programming language and helps kids to build anything they want. It is more than a coding guide; it is an online community of programmers who share ideas and inspirations.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift playground is more complicated and was purposely designed by Apple for the iPad. . They offer a guided puzzle for kids known as “learn to code “which helps them to master the basics of coding while still exploring different coding techniques. It will require your child to have an iPad with iOS12.0 or higher.


Kodable has come up with a coding curriculum for children aged 4 to 10. Children can learn some basic coding skills so that by the time they are getting to fifth grade, they can be able to write JavaScript code. It is mostly used in schools and can also be found on iOS devices.

Code Combat

This is best for grown-up children since it makes use of competitive and interactive gameplay to make learning interesting. Kids only need to get online to play, but those who need advanced skills are advised to subscribe.

Code Academy

This is one of the most interactive websites offering children basic coding skills through some simple exercises which look like a game. However, for children to get more than the basics, one is required to subscribe.

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