Pricing Plans

ESDNL offers a support pricing plan with unlimited module access, one-on-one tutor-type sessions, and scheduled classes every week.

The pricing plan for our programs is the same. So, whether you choose the Intro to coding course or the school support course, we use the same support pricing plan that is in line with the school board coding curriculum.

Scheduled sessions are structured at the same time and day, while teacher-led one-on-one classes focus on a more personalized approach that suits best every child’s unique learning curve. With limitless access, support sessions are guaranteed available at any time.

Our session packages consist of One-Hour-Per-Week, Unlimited Weekly, and One-on-One. Full virtual-only support is included in all packages. You may browse through our flexible pricing plan options below and check the specific details for each option.

1. One-Hour-Per-Week

The One-Hour-Per-Week package is geared towards kids aged 9 and above. This package includes scheduled weekly sessions, interactive group sessions, self-paced learning, complete mentor support, and unending curriculum access. Students will team up with other fellow students who have a similar skill level. Sign up for a monthly plan of $130.

2. Unlimited Weekly Sessions

The Unlimited Weekly package is also highly recommended for kids aged 9 and above. This session features self-paced learning, complete mentor support, and immeasurable curriculum access. However, sessions are held in the morning and afternoon, with self-scheduling from Monday to Friday. Students can choose their schedule weekly to join a support session group based on their recent course level. Register for a $165 monthly plan.

3. One-on-One Teacher-Led Sessions

The One-on-One package is best suited to children aged above 8 years. The sessions are scheduled, and students can meet the same mentor weekly. All sessions last for about 30 minutes and are held during late afternoon and evening from Monday to Friday. This monthly plan is available for $225.

Furthermore, our courses also follow closely with the New Ontario School Coding Curriculum.