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Eastern School District
Suite 601, Atlantic Place
215 Water Street
St. John's, NL   A1C 6C9

Tel: (709) 758-2372
Fax: (709) 758-2706

Eastern School District Office Personnel

Includes Regional Office Staff from Avalon West, Burin, and Vista.

 · Organizational Structure Diagrams

Position / Title NameEmailTelephone
CEO/Director of Education Dr. Bruce Vey 758-2381
Executive/Corporate Assistant/ATIPP Coordinator Jackie Crane 758-2381
Director of Communications Ken Morrissey 758-2371
Website/Design & CommunicationsGeoff Taylor 757-4646

Position / Title Name EmailTelephone
Assistant Director of Education - ProgramsAnthony Stack 758-2701
Administrative Assistant Eleanor Costello 758-2701
Senior Education Officers
Instruction & School Leadership (K-6) Deborah Martin 758-2377
Instruction & School Leadership (K-6) Jamie Coady 758-2389
Instruction & School Leadership (K-6) Craig Adams 757-4652
Instruction & School Leadership (K-6) Deborah Toope 758-2359
Instruction & School Leadership (K-12) Barbara Leonard King 757-4642
Instruction & School Leadership (10-12) Neil Kearley 758-2762
Instruction & School Leadership (7-9) Sarah Osmond 757-4606
Instruction & School Leadership (Avalon West)
& 7-12 Programming
John Way 786-7182 Ex:342
Instruction & School Leadership (Avalon West) Violet Parsons-Pack 786-7182 Ex:342
Instruction & School Leadership (Vista) Whyte Horlick 466-3401 Ex:222
Instruction & School Leadership (Burin) Kathleen Roul 891-6100 Ex:229
Instruction & School Leadership (Burin) Lynn Fitzpatrick 891-6100 Ex:234
Student Support Services (K-12) Mary Devereaux 757-4633
Confidential Secretaries
Confidential Secretary
(for Mary Devereaux)
Natasha Wellon757-4660
Confidential Secretary
(for Deborah Martin, Debbie Toope, Craig Adams & Jamie Coady)
**VACANT** 757-4644
Confidential Secretary
(for Sarah Osmond, Neil Kearly, & Barbara Leonard King)
Cathy Martin 757-4645
Confidential Secretary
(for Gillian Blackmore & Jacqui Rideout)
Patricia Oates 757-4641
Confidential Secretary (SEO) (West) Kimberly C. French 786-7182 Ex:342
Confidential Secretary (SEO) (Vista) Janice Matthews 466-3401 Ex:223
Confidential Secretary (SEO) (Burin) Tammy Dicks 891-6100 Ex:225
Program Specialists
Social Studies (7-12), Religious Education
& English Language Arts; Home Economics (7-9)
Erin Walsh 758-2349
Student Support Services (7-12) Lisa O'Keefe 758-2351
Math (7-12) & Technoology (K-12) Ian Crewe 758-2350
Programs & Technology (7-12) Glen Williams 758-2348
Programs & Technology Niki O'Brien-MacDonald 757-4637
Primary/Elementary Math & Science (K-6) Karen Yetman 758-2356
Primary/Elementary Literacy Thelma Coley 757-4632
French Programs (K-6) Allison Chafe 757-4625
French Programs (7-12) Jacqueline Rideout 757-4640
Physical Education, Health & Active Living, & Science (7-12) John Elkins 757-4657
Fine Arts Jennifer Nakashima 757-4639
Numeracy/Literacy Alice Bridgeman 786-7182 Ex:222
Student Support Services (Avalon West) David Bishop 786-7182 Ex:241
Literacy/Numeracy (Vista) Thomas Walsh 466-3401 Ex:263
Student Support Services (Vista) Mary Larner-Pardy 466-3401 Ex:260
Literacy/Numeracy (K-6) &
Student Support Services (Burin)
Colleen Scott 891-6100 Ex:235
Program Itinerants
Itinerant - Information Technology Thomas Sheppard 757-4667
Itinerant - Student Support Services (East) Michelle Ridgley 758-2367
Itinerant - Student Support Services (East) Bonnie Woodland 757-4704
Itinerant - Student Support Services (East/West) Kim Lawlor 758-2703/ 834-4421
Itinerant - Safe and Caring Schools David Dyer 757-4630
Itinerant - Inclusion (East) **VACANT**
Itinerant - Inclusion (Burin/Vista/West) Darlene Tilley786-7182 Ex:246
Itinerant - Autism (East) Jody Beckett-O'Leary 757-4631
Itinerant - Autism (East) Jeannie Hodder 757-4635
Itinerant - Autism (Burin/Vista/West) David G. Penney 786-7182 Ex:245
Literacy Numeracy Teachers
Itinerant Teacher for Literacy/Numeracy (East) Colleen King 753-9124 Ex:267
Itinerant Teacher for Literacy/Numeracy (Burin) Paulette Smith 891-6100 Ex:254
Itinerant Teacher for Literacy/Numeracy (Vista) Susan Howell 466-3401 Ex:237
Itinerant Teacher for Literacy/Numeracy (West) Valerie Fleming 786-7182 Ex:249
Numeracy Itinerants
Itinerant Teacher for Numeracy Giselle Benoit- Humber753-9124 Ex:226
Itinerant Teacher for Numeracy Lindy Brophy 753-9124 Ex:246
Itinerant Teacher for Numeracy Gilles Park 753-9124 Ex:224
Itinerant Teacher for Numeracy Sharon Power 753-9124 Ex:268
Itinerant Teacher for Numeracy (Intermediate) Karen Moore 753-9124 Ex:252
Itinerant Teacher for Numeracy (West) Carol Ann Crane 786-7182 Ex:244
Itinerant Teacher for Numeracy (West) John Power 786-7182 Ex:270
Active & Healthy Schools Consultants
School Health Promotion Liaison Consultant (East) Krista Manning758-2388
School Health Promotion Liaison Consultant (Burin/Vista/West) Jennifer Bourne786-7182 Ex:345
Center for Distance Learning and Innovation, Dept. of Education
Guidance Counsellor Jim Paul 786-5118
Curriculum Clerks
Curriculum Clerk Brenda Hickey 758-2700
Curriculum Clerk Diane Doyle 758-2704
Educational Psychologists
Educational Psychologist Wendy Edgecombe 758-2346
Educational Psychologist Sharon Clifford 758-2713
Educational Psychologist Melissa Barrett 758-2375
Educational Psychologist Jill Kelly758-2368
Educational Psychologist Peggy Hann 758-2374
Educational Psychologist Nancy Lush 758-2369
Educational Psychologist Nelson Sheppard ---758-2373
Educational Psychologist Catherine Power 758-2376
Educational Psychologist Paula Jacobs 757-4627
Educational Psychologist Joyce Smith 757-4628
Educational Psychologist Denise Penny 757-4629
Educational Psychologist (West) Cynthia Hicks 786-7182 Ex:236
Educational Psychologist (West) Dayle Denney 786-7182 Ex:247
Educational Psychologist (West) Mary Prowse-Flynn 786-7182 Ex:273
Educational Psychologist (West) Sheila Byrne 786-7182 Ex:258
Educational Psychologist (Vista) Derek Elliott 466-3401 Ex:232
Educational Psychologist (Vista) Michelle Davis 466-3401 Ex:231
Educational Psychologist (Burin) Eric Short 891-6100 Ex:248
Educational Psychologist (Burin) Beaton Walsh 891-6100 Ex:233
Speech/Language Pathologists
Speech Language Pathologist Sarah O'Grady 753-9124 Ex:244
Speech Language Pathologist Angela Critchell 753-9124 Ex:236
Speech Language Pathologist Marie Stirling 753-9124 Ex:242
Speech Language Pathologist Susan L. Clarke 753-9124 Ex:241
Speech Language Pathologist Corinne Burgess 753-9124 Ex:243
Speech Language Pathologist Denise Cooke 753-9124 Ex:233
Speech Language Pathologist Kathleen Taylor 753-9124 Ex:230
Speech Language Pathologist Judith Lawlor 753-9124 Ex:237
Speech Language Pathologist Lori Penney 753-9124 Ex:232
Speech Language Pathologist Shelia Greene 753-9124 Ex:239
Speech Language Pathologist Louanne Moakler 753-9124 Ex:234
Speech Language Pathologist Renee Walsh 753-9124 Ex:238
Speech Language Pathologist Carol Ann Dick 753-9124 Ex:231
Speech Language Pathologist (West) Janice Mackay 786-7182 Ex:268
Speech Language Pathologist (West) Kelly Harris 786-7182 Ex:259
Speech Language Pathologist (West) Darlene Marche 786-7182 Ex:260
Speech Language Pathologist (West) Khyla Brockerville-Carey 786-7182 Ex:268
Speech Language Pathologist (West) Kelly-Ann Russell 786-7182 Ex:346
Speech Language Pathologist (West) Jenny Sullivan 786-7182 Ex:253
Speech Language Pathologist (Vista) Jane Oliver ---466-3401 Ex:244
Speech Language Pathologist (Vista) Michelle Critchley ---463-2193
Speech Language Pathologist (Vista) Alisha Lucy Marie Wilson---466-3401 Ex:234
Speech Language Pathologist (Burin) Maureen Lewis-Hickman891-6100 Ex:244
Speech Language Pathologist (Burin) Elizabeth Ingram 891-6100 Ex:253
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Itinerants
Itinerant Teacher Hearing Impaired Valerie Crummell 753-9124 Ex:249
Itinerant Teacher Hearing Impaired Cathy Lawlor 753-9124 Ex:251
Itinerant Teacher Hearing Impaired Kelly A. Walsh 753-9124 Ex:245
Itinerant Teacher Hearing Impaired Colleen Moyst 753-9124 Ex:247
Itinerant Teacher Hearing Impaired (West) Tina Halleran 786-7182 Ex:275
Itinerant Teacher Hearing Impaired (West) Nancy McDonald 786-7182 Ex:274
Itinerant Teacher Hearing Impaired (Vista) Ramona Oates 466-3401 Ex:233
Itinerant Teacher Hearing Impaired (Burin) Tracey Clarke- Allen891-6100 Ex:245
Itinerant Teacher Hearing Impaired (Burin) April Myles891-6100 Ex:242
Visual Itinerants
Itinerant Teacher Visually Impaired Kerry Peet 753-9124 Ex:248
Itinerant Teacher Visually Impaired Corinne McDonald 753-9124 Ex:250
Itinerant Teacher Visually Impaired (West) Terri Decker 786-7182 Ex:240
Itinerant Teacher Visually Impaired (Vista) ***VACANT*** ---466-3401 Ex:262
District School
School Principal Bill Tucker 753-9124 Ex:222
Secretary Denise Clarke 753-9124 Ex:0
Behaviour Unit Rob Newhook N/A753-9124 Ex:255
Behaviour Unit/Itinerant Mark Cole 753-9124
Behaviour/Mental Health Unit Rikki Leigh Smith 753-9124 Ex:224
Behaviour/Mental Health Unit Steve Mallard 753-9124
Behaviour/Mental Health Unit Loriann Ash 753-9124
Mental Health Unit Marie Young 753-9124 Ex:254
Behaviour Itinerant (Primary/Elementary) Cathy Nolan-Wells 753-9124 Ex:223
English Second Language (ESL Teachers)
ESL Teacher (District School) Karen Power 753-9124 Ex:225
ESL Teacher (District School) Tina Rowe 753-9124 Ex:228
ESL Teacher (District School) Catherine Anstey 753-9124 Ex:N/A
ESL Teacher (District School) Pam Tobin 753-9124 Ex:226
ESL Teacher (District School) Tara Madden 753-9124
ESL Teacher (District School) Suzanne Drover ---753-9124
ESL Teacher (District School) Rick Walsh ---753-9124
ESL Teacher (Holy Heart) Katri Beresford 754-1600
ESL Teacher (Holy Heart) Martha Trahey 754-1600
Adolescent Treatment Program (Pleasantville)
Addictions Teacher Dwain Campbell 752-4101
Addictions Teacher Krystal Webber 752-4101

Position / Title Name EmailTelephone
Assistant Director of Education Maurice Kelly758-2345
Administrative Assistant Elaine Forma 758-2345
Teaching Staff
Senior Education Officer Lloyd Collins758-2391
Senior Education Officer (Human Resources) Susan Murray 758-2702
Clerk IV (Education) Cindy Drodge 758-2709
Personnel Clerk Barbara Meadus 757-4608
Personnel Clerk Gloria Elliott 758-2378
Support Staff and Student Assistants
Director of Human Resources (Support Staff) Alicia Sainsbury758-2339
Human Resources Manager (Support Staff)Michael Kielly757-4649
Human Resources Manager
(Recruitment and Benefits)
Catherine Senior 757-4651
Human Resources Manager (Student Assistants) Kathleen O'Shea757-4659
Occupational Health and Safety Manager Mike Johnson 757-4703
Confidential Secretary Mary Newman757-2903
Clerk IV Holly Swain757-3420

Position / Title Name EmailTelephone
Assistant Director of Education Larry Blanchard 758-2382
Administrative Assistant (Finance) Susan Clarke 758-2382
Comptroller/Director of Financial ServicesJuliah Chislett 757-4626
Director of Administrative Services Larry Guinchard 758-2337
Internal Auditor *** VACANT ***---757-4669
Manager of Financial Operations Dan Jackson 758-2342
Manager of School Financial Support &
Special Projects
Pam Thornhill 757-4863
Senior Accountant Sonia Smith 757-4610
Financial Administration Assistant Sherry Miller 758-2338
Budget Analyst Maxine Miller 758-2352
Payroll Clerk (Student Assistants/Teachers) Peggy Didham 758-2355
Payroll Clerk (Teachers/Student Assistants) Roslen Kenny 758-2354
Payroll Clerk (Support Staff - Burin) Jean Rickert 758-2344
Payroll Clerk (Support Staff - West/Vista) Tina Watton 758-2390
Payroll Clerk (Support Staff - East) Gina Manuel 758-2353
Buyer Jamie Whitten 757-4701
Requisition Clerk Toni Dray 757-4622
Accounts SupervisiorColleen McCormack758-2396
Accounts Payable Clerk Jean-Marie Kenny758-2395
Accounts Payable Clerk Sheila Evely 758-2397
Accounts Payable Clerk Goldie Gillingham 757-4623
Accounts Payable Clerk Juanita Butler 757-4620 Ex:98
Accounts Receivable Clerk Stephanie Sharpe 757-4656
File Clerk Elaine Taylor758-2365
Receptionist Marie Murphy 758-2372
Data Entry Clerk Pauline Garland 757-4621
Secretary (Avalon West) Frances Russell 786-7182 Ex:221
Receptionist (Avalon West) Selena Craig 786-7182 Ex:221
Secretary (Vista) Valerie Walters 466-3401 Ex:221
Secretary (Burin) Denise Molly891-6100 Ex:221
Manager of Student Transportation Darrin Feehan758-2361
GIS Specialist Carla Ward 758-2358
Transportation Safety Compliance Officer Melissa Taylor 757-4664
Transportation Clerk Leanne Hubert 758-2394
Bussing Supervisor (Burin Depot) Derek Newhook 891-7100
Secretary (Burin Depot) Julie Mitchell 891-7100 Ex:221
Manager of Technology Craig Butt 758-2357
Senior Systems Analyst Chris Crane 758-2340
Computer Support Specialist (East) Barry Noel 722-5608
Computer Support Specialist (East) Patrick O'Driscoll
Computer Support Specialist (East) Paul Hunt
LAN/WAN Administrator (East) Cathy Ward 757-4655
LAN/WAN Administrator (East) Sam Prior 758-2362
Computer Support Specialist (Avalon West) Carolyn Brown 786-7182 Ex:335
Computer Technician (Avalon West) Murray Andrews 786-7182 Ex:272
Computer Technician (Avalon West) Gail Mercer 786-7182 Ex:272
Computer Technician (Avalon West) Bill Crann 786-7182 Ex:272
Computer Technician (Avalon West) Ken Callahan 786-7182 Ex:272
Computer Technician (Vista) Darren Greening 466-3401 Ex:249
Computer Technician (Vista) Joanne Keough 466-3401 Ex:258
Computer Technician (Vista) Toby Bolt 466-3401 Ex:224
Computer Technician (Burin) Fred Cleal 891-6100 Ex:239
Computer Technician (Burin) Terry Warren 891-6100 Ex:258
LAN/WAN Administrator (Burin) Sheldon Pittman 891-6100 Ex:241

Position / Title Name EmailTelephone
Assistant Director of Education Susan Ryan 758-2341
Administrative Assistant Betty Morgan 758-2341
Data Analyst Matthew Canning 757-4702
Operations & Maintenance
Director of Facilities & Corporate Planning Jim Sinnott 758-2363
Regional Operations Manager (Avalon West) Albert Pynn 786-7182 Ex:251
Regional Operations Manager (Vista) Vanda Dove 466-3401 Ex:227
Regional Operations Manager (Burin) Derek Newhook 891-2632
891-6100 Ex:246
Plant Office Clerk Cavell Durdle 758-2711
Maintenance Clerk Sharon Summers 758-2725
Facilities Technician Calvin Matchim 757-4602
Manager of Operations Chris Furey 757-4650
Manager of Operations Bruce Morey 730-0594
Maintenance Supervisor (Technical Services) Shawn Martin 758-2715
Maintenance Supervisor (Avalon East)Don Pender 699-4538
Maintenance Supervisor (Avalon East)Peter Roberts 691-9527
Maintenance Supervisor (Avalon East)Larry Smallwood 758-2714
Maintenance Supervisor (Avalon East)Rafail Loshi 725-7761
Maintenance Supervisor (Avalon West) Tom Noseworthy 786-7182 Ex:224


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